Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Seo will now be impossible... negative seo is everywhere

Seo is about to get a lot harder.. if you have been recently hit by the penguin updates recently be prepared to be hit even more because the spammers are going to add your link into their spam projects to help their articles appear more natural....

Lol do people know that gsa search engine ranker used by hundreds of spammers to rank sites now has a added feature to let you add a related random  url fetched from the serps related to the spammers url....... so get prepared to have your url added randomly to hundreds of spun garbage and penalized website!

If you haven't already received a unnattural link warning from google be prepared to get one even if you never build links!

only websites with millions of backlinks will survive...... BLAME THE SPAMMERS BECAUSE FOR EXAMPLE GSA SEARCH ENGINE RECENTLY ADDED A NEW FEATURE TO ADD A RANDOM URL FROM THE SERPS.. meaning that your url will be added to a spun rubbish article to make the spammers article look more natural......Oh dear so if you rank highly you better have a lot of backlinks so these spam backlinks will not saturate your backlink profile.